MetalCorp is an active corporate citizen, engaged in helping to build communities by enabling economic growth through positive relationships and managing its business in accordance with diligence and firmly established policies.

To ensure that all communities understand and participate in our efforts, we embrace diversity, mutual respect and thorough communications. To fulfill this ethos, MetalCorp has established Memorandums of Understanding with First Nation’s communities for most projects. Through conscientious communication and informed decision-making, all stakeholders can realize the benefits and opportunities from the mineral exploration industry.

We encourage any individual or group with questions or concerns to contact us. We’re always happy to discuss our activities.

Corporate Policies

Accountability Policy

MetalCorp assures all stakeholders that financial transactions, particularly those involving related-party dealings, are executed to the highest standard possible.

Employment Policy

MetalCorp is an equal opportunity employer committed to non-discriminatory recruitment and selection in its hiring efforts. We provide a harassment-free workplace.

We invite all shareholders to read our corporate policies.